What Is Mobile Advertising? Top 7 Benefits and Types of Mobile Advertising

Why Are Mobile Ads Better? What is Digital advertising? How does it Work?

There is a lot of confusion on the concepts of mobile advertising. So, here we will look at a brief beginner’s guide about the subject. 

What Is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile Advertising is a kind of marketing technology which enables the business owners to deliver the ads to the people whilst on-the-go. Mobile advertising heavily relies on mobile devices and therefore, delivers the business message to customers over smartphones, tablets or mobile apps. 

Mobile advertising came into existence in the year 2004 when location-based services were introduced along with text messaging. It is a real-time, targeted and measurable method of advertising. 

Objectives of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is the new big thing in advertising, the industry experts believe. While TV ads may be on a decline, mobile ads are booming. Before we see this growth in mobile ads.

Let us have a look at what it actually is and how does it work?

Mobile advertising is quickly becoming a nationally leading marketing-channel. It requires a different approach than TV, internet or newspaper ads. There are different ways to pay for the ads, and mobile users are able to block these ads. 

How To Use Mobile Advertising For Your Business ?

If you have ever watched TV ads, you might have wondered if advertising on your mobile can be similar. It heavily depends on who your demographics is and according to new figures out of the United Kingdom, Mobile Advertising is the future of advertising.

The mobile advertisement has surely come a long way. Before 2008, mobile ads were just ignored. Now it is one of the most powerful tools in the advertising industry. Mobile ads are used to inform, persuade and entertain the target audience that can be done instantly. Due to their effectiveness, every now and then we hear about new technology which will drive more users to mobile apps like TV-to-mobile technology.

7 Benefits of Mobile Advertising To Know How Mobile Ads Can Help You Reach The Target Audience? 

  1. Mobile advertising has been gracing the technological horizon for a long time; however, it is only now that it is gaining steady ground and becoming popular. Many businesses have jumped onto the bandwagon to advertise their products, services, and offers on mobile phones.
  2. Mobile Advertising is the use of various methods to promote products and services on mobile devices, such as smartphones, cell phones and PDAs.
  3. Mobile adverts include both display advertising and interactive advertising. Display advertisements are banners and other forms of static ads that appear on a mobile device’s screen. Static ads are a part of what is referred to as Mobile Marketing Communications (MMC).
  4. Marketing strategies are changing their focus from traditional media, especially TV, to online activities and especially towards Smartphones, that have become fundamental in daily life as smartphones offer a variety of options including playing games, shopping and even placing bets.
  5. Recent statistics show that more and more consumers are starting to watch shows online on their tablets and mobile phones instead of traditional television sets.
  6. The technology is growing at a record pace that even small handheld devices like ipods and smartphones can be used for streaming. TV viewing over the world has crossed the 10 billion mark.
  7. Mobile advertising has lower cost than conventional channels such as TV, Press release or Print media. There are many types of mobile media that you can get benefits to use affordably to connect with your brand.

Types of Mobile Advertising

There are many types of mobile ads, most important that include: 

  1. Search Ads: 
  2. Display Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. Native Ads
  5. SMS Ads
  6. Location Based Ads
  7. Push Notifications


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