The new rules of BBL are explained in depth

There is a saying that Big bash is one of the most popular competitions in the world. But at the same time, in terms of innovation, it ranks among the top tier. BBL prediction indicates that it brings along with it a few twists in the own laws of cricket. One thing is for sure the new rules have added a new outline to the competition in general. Below are some of the new rules in BBL 2022.

What is the time-out rule applicable in BBL?

One of the new rules that have been introduced in this edition of BBL 2022, is time out. In Big bash, all of us are aware that there is a legitimate dissimilarity in cricket, but organizers have gone on to incorporate a twist when it comes to these rules are concerned. 

So as to speed up the game of cricket, the new batsman should reach the crease within 60 seconds and they need to be ready to face the new delivery. This is applicable under the new legislation. If they are not able to do so the batsman needs to step aside, and the batsman can bowl a free delivery. If the bowler is able to hit the stumps, then the batsman is out.

The timing along with the ruling, is a point of consideration. The reactions to this type of move have been mixed but one thing is for sure all of them agree that the speed of the game has to be enhanced.

The power surge rule

This is a rule that is basically applicable when it comes to a second power play. In an innings, there is a 2-over gap where you are allowed to have only two fielders outside the 30-yard circle. In this regard, the original rule of 6 power play overs has been reduced to 4. The rule suggests that 9 players need to be within the fielding ring, and the batting side can take this power play at any point in time. Even the fielding time is in a position to change their intended bowler.

The law is really interesting as it has gone on to incorporate a new form of tactics into the power play. It becomes possible for a batting team to assess the situation of the game and then can take the power play. Numbers indicate that a lot of runs are scored at this time of play, as even the bowlers have gone on to take more wickets during this passage. So, you have to consider there is an element of balance involved.

Just like changes to the various rules in the game of cricket, this is a rule that has gone on to evoke a mixed response. Cricket experts do not want a lot of changes to the rule, but power surge is one such rule that is bound to incorporate a tactical aspect to the game of cricket.

The X factor rule in the game of BBL

It is a rule that is bound to alter the fact that you can replace a player at any point time in a BBL game. Before the 11 players take part in a game of cricket, the team would name the 12t and the 13th player. After the 10th over of the innings, the team can introduce either one of the players. But you need to note that it is not going to be both the players at any point in time. This rule is applicable to the following cases

  • The replaced player should not have batted
  • The player that is replaced should not have bowled more than 1 over.

Taking all these factors into account, the X factor rule holds a lot of relevance. They are able to take their full part in a game where they can bowl for four hours and even bat when the need arises. After the introduction of the rule in the BBL, it did not go on to gain a lot of popularity. It was not until the 8th game that the rule was applicable. But ever since that point of time, there has been no turning back when it came to the rule being applied.

Mostly the rule is taken by the fielding side on how their bowlers are performing in a given game. An example is if they have gone on to choose a lot of seamers on a pitch that is taking spin, they can then replace themselves with the extra fielder sub. Even a side can change the entire make-up of their team where they go on to replace an extra bowler with a batsman and vice-versa.

The rule has gone on to evoke a lot of criticism. The moment you go on to choose a side, it is suggested that you stick with the 11 players. But if they have gone on to make a poor selection, then also it turns out to be a game of cricket. Let us keep the opinion divided, but one thing is for sure this rule is one that incorporates an element of innovation in the Big bash league.

The big boast rule applicable in BBL

It is a rule that is applicable to the best-performing side in the first ten overs. Once the ten overs are over, you, go on to compare the score of both sides, and the one with the highest run rate is given the points. This rule has gone on to receive a mixed reaction but still, there are advantages associated with the rule. An example is even if the batting team has gone on to lose early wickets, still they can go on to salvage a point from this game.

The beauty of this rule is that it is known to encourage fast scoring at all points in the game. The concept of dead games hardly exist in the game of cricket by following the rules.

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