Some Unknown Facts About Pima and Its Origin

Compared to conventional cotton, pima cotton is the best as it has long fibre. So, with the help of these long fibres, there is a smooth production of the fabric which is soft to the touch and is also wrinkle resistant. Besides that, pima cotton shirts are always ultra-durable. As per the manufacturer, Pima cotton is one such type of fabric that has a 50% longer life expectancy if compared to other cotton products. The main question is about long fibers, as many other cotton fabrics use short fibres’, due to the use of short fibres, it becomes less resistant. So, the longer the thread, the fewer yarn ends will show on the surface of the material.

Growth of Pima Cotton

Pima tee has a smooth, soft, and less prone to shredding and pilling fabric. Let’s look at the growth of Pima. A plant called Gossypium barbadense is from where the pima cotton comes from and provides extra-long-staple cotton. The difference between other cotton and pima cotton is where the pima grows or the cotton grows. The Gossypium plant needs a lot of sun, rainfall, and humidity to thrive and grow the cotton. So, this is a type of cotton that is mostly found in tropical areas because it is susceptible to frost damage, which is common in nature. Pima cotton is grown in 3 different places: the southwestern regions of the United States of America, Peru, and Australia.

Pima Cotton Benefits

You can also check online for curved hem t-shirts of Pima cotton. Besides that, some popular brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Exchange, Guess, Polo Ralph Lauren, and others work with the Pima cotton that is Peruvian due to its attributes. The Pima clothes are light-weight, last a long time, and are very resistant to use and washing. It is also warm and offers comfort, so the wearer feels good all the time. One of the things that you will notice about Pima cotton is that its original colour is white, and so it becomes simple to dye the shirt and get outfits in a different shade. Now, you can have a colourful variety of clothes with such good quality. Though pima cotton is a sensitive fabric, you can still machine wash it with warm water and, after that, tumble dry it. Also, one of the things that you should know about pima cotton is that it is hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Pima Cotton Applications 

One of the things you should know is that best pima cotton t-shirts can be used in many different kinds of applications. Whether you buy a pima cotton t-shirt or dresses or underwear or hoodies, there are so many different types of clothing that you will find in Pima. One of the reasons why so many people buy Pima cotton is the unusual softness of the fabric. Pima is mainly used to create luxury clothing like bathrobes, loungewear, night gowns, and so on. The Pima fabric is also common in the making of towels and bedsheets. Pima is not a regular presence in the industrial setting, though it is durable, and the reason for the same is that this cotton is very expensive to validate its use in the applications that are commercial.

Pima & its Effect on the Environment

One of the most vital things that you should know about the Pima is that it is fully harvested by hand, which is good for the environment. It is also good for the cotton because, in industrial harvesting, the cotton fibre is torn off. It gives the cotton a yellowish colour and a scratchy texture. Because of the machine used in other cotton, there is a certain impact on the environment, but that’s not the case with pima, as it has less impact on the environment and the surrounding. Pima is mostly handpicked and it also produces less waste, which reduces the environmental impact of its production.


Pima gets inspired by the culture and tradition of different countries to develop designs and patterns and styles that are ever flourishing. The material is eco-friendly and is good for human use and health overall. On the online market, you can find dresses made of Pima from Peru, which would make an excellent gift for someone else or yourself. Visit to buy the best sneakers >>

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