Some Fun Facts About Fire Signs

Tell me, dear reader, what do a headstrong ram, a tame but sharp lion, and a half-human and half-horse archer have in common? Fire, of course. Okay, enough rhetoric. Today we will discuss the quirks and temperaments of the fire signs of our astrological star chart. According to the best astrologer in UK, these signs have a few things in common, namely burning confidence, enticing sensuality, and a desire to take risks. They are not the ones up for admitting their mistakes or saying sorry, no matter what the case may be.

Although the fire signs can sometimes be projected as haughty, reckless, or egocentric, it is far from the actual scenario. The fire signs do have their soft corners about them and, to be honest, they can sometimes just be the biggest babies, but only with their people. Here is some very interesting information about these fiery, driven individuals:

  1. Aries is called the cardinal sign when it comes to the astrological coterie. These are the blazing and burning fires, setting things alight just to enjoy the glow of the embers. They have that innate “boss” energy and often do well as project heads and managers. But, there is a downside to this adventurous Ram. It is recklessness and impulsivity. Their mouths just sometimes overtake their brains, blurting words without fully processing the jab of them. As a result, they are one of the most misunderstood signs in the entire zodiac. As the Aries have Mars as their ruling planet, they have a go-getter nature. They have confidence and believe in trying everything, sometimes without heeding the consequences. But, as fiery as these individuals may be, they have a huge soft corner too. The Arians make the fiercest friends and the most loyal companions. If you have any sign that will take a bullet for you, it is Aries. They are also very emotional and sensitive.
  2.  If Aries represents volcanic fire, Leos represent still candles. They don’t burst forth, but they are as consistent as their fiery brethren. Leos are just like their animal namesake; they are charismatic and diligent. According to the best astrologer in London, Leo individuals have a deep love for their own family and friends and are always looking for ways they can be of help to them. Leos are ruled by the very powerful sun, which is directly reflected in their personalities. Leo individuals are also well regarded for their go-getter energy. They are a pure ball of concentrated energy! They also have very strong opinions on whatever they deal with. But, this is where caution comes in. It is never a good idea to cross paths with a lion. Their love is great, but their anger is even greater. Leos are also well known for being over-possessive of their group and own people. There is also a certain factor of jealousy as well. Leos despise sharing their favourite people with others
  3. Third, and certainly never the last, comes the steady yet muted fire, the archer Sagittarius. This Jupiter-ruled fire sign is more sombre in comparison to the other two, but don’t be fooled just yet. These signs are much easier to deal with thanks to their flexible outlook. A Sagittarius is also deeply spiritual, always learning and understanding more about culture and divinity to get to their roots. This archer is also a great inspiration to both themselves and others. When a Saggitatrian individual has an idea, they become deeply invested in it, often motivating others to pursue greater things as well. But, even the wise archer has his darker sides. The toxic traits of a Sagittarius can be recklessness with little thought to consequences. They can also become very egotistical about their capabilities and develop narcissistically charged traits. Sagittarian individuals can also have a hard time admitting their issues, which makes them seem blunt at times.

Despite all the fire these signs have, it would be hard to imagine this world without them. Fire signs are great problem solvers who have the simplest method to tackle problems. They are also very efficient in their jobs and are not afraid to ask the bothering questions their minds have. Their open opinions about everything and everyone make them reliable. So, as our best astrologer says, you can always look forward to their pieces of advice and never try to cross a fire sign-off!

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