Rockspace Extender Keeps Losing Connection

Have you ever lost your internet signal while attending an important online event or conference? Do you experience this issue often? If so, it could be that your Rockspace extender is losing connectivity. This means that the range extender loses connection and gets signals from one end. It’s quite frustrating! We will help you solve this problem without any hassle.

Let us show you how to get rid of repeaters that keep losing connection even after successfully completing Rockspace extender setup process. Let’s get your issue resolved. Continue reading.

Solution: Extender Keeps Loosing Connection

Check Power Supply

The power supply may be losing its steady flow. Your Rockspace device will lose connection if this is the case. And the Rockspace WiFi range extender keeps on rebooting. It won’t be able to maintain stable internet connectivity for longer periods of time. The device will lose connection all the time.

The first thing to do is check the power supply. The wall socket you choose should be in working condition. The plugs must fit snugly into the socket. There should be no sign of short-circuiting. You can either have the socket replaced or repaired.

Verify Cable Connections

Your range extender may lose connection due to an unstable cable connection. This happens when the cable is damaged or loose. It can also happen when the Ethernet cable is not tightly fitted into the router’s extender ports.

We recommend that you purchase a new Ethernet cable to combat this issue. You should choose a faster data transmission cable to get the best results. An RJ-45 is an example of such a cable. Make sure to inspect the cable before you plug it in.

Reduce WiFi Interference

External obstructions can block your device’s ability to access the internet. These are often called WiFi interference. By placing the range extender above a TV, you can create a clash in frequency between the devices.

We recommend that you place your Rockspace extender somewhere free from electronic devices. This is how you can fix the issue at hand.

Get the Network

We tend to connect all our devices to our WiFi network at once to make our lives easier. This is so we don’t have the need to connect to the network repeatedly. This is putting a lot of pressure on your home WiFi network. Your Rockspace repeater is losing connection as a result.

It is recommended to ease up your connection in such situations. How? First, unplug devices you don’t use often. You should also only connect devices you use most often.

Firmware Update

Rockspace repeater connections can be lost due to outdated firmware. Your repeater could be experiencing a glitch or bug that affects its efficiency. You will not get the most out of your range extender.

Your range extender’s firmware must be updated. You can update the firmware of your device by accessing re.rockspace.local web address. For best results, you can turn on auto-update feature to allow the extender to automatically update.

Reboot Device

Internet loss can be caused by technical errors, bugs, or glitches. These barriers must be removed if you want to enjoy a seamless internet connection. Rebooting is a great way to get the best internet connection.

Wrap up

With the above tips, we hope you can resolve your problem. Let us know in the comments which trick helped you to resolve the issue.

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