Pay Per Click Marketing: Save your CPC cost by Hiring Expert

PPC can work wonders if you know how to play the game. It is the fastest way to attract new customers to try your brand. The cost of running PPC ads might scare many small businesses. But it should not be, as knowing what determines CPC will help you lower expenses. In this blog post, you will find ways to lower your CPC.

What is CPC?

Brands using Google Adwords to display ads have to pay a fixed amount to Google for their services. The most common pricing model is the cost-per-click (CPC). In this model, brands have to pay a fee for every click an ad receives. The CPC depends on several factors, such as Google Quality Score and maximum bid. Consult with a PPC company to find ways to lower CPC costs.

Some Tips to lower your PPC cost

Improve Google Quality Score

When Google approves ads, it gives them a quality score. The Quality Score is Google’s evaluation of the quality and the relevancy of the search terms and ads. The score helps determine the CPC for ads. A PPC Company will help you improve your Quality Score.

Google uses several criteria to arrive at the Quality Score. Here are some of them:

  • Keyword Click-Through-Rate
  • Relevance of individual keywords to its ad group
  • Account history
  • Landing Page Quality and Relevance
  • Landing Page Load Times and User Experience

Seeing that the landing page experience is crucial for a high-quality score. Ensure that the page offers a smooth experience to users. Many customers prefer to visit sites from their phone. So your site should give a high-quality mobile experience. The landing page design must be responsive and adapt to the screen of multiple devices used by customers. Hire a company providing Seo packages in India to optimize your landing pages.

You should also provide easy navigation and guide customers to the preferred destination. They should have clear directions about what to do next. If the site is messy and the navigation is not accessible, your customers would exit the site. It leads to high bounce rates that will affect the rankings. It also affects the quality score of your ads and keywords. A company providing Seo services in India will help you improve site navigation.

The landing page must be relevant to the ads you create. It should target the right audience. Create multiple landing pages to target different groups. Doing so gives you a good ROI on your ads and increases sales.

The ads you create must be click-worthy. If the ads are enticing, more people will click. It would lower your CPC costs. So, design ads that are compelling and relevant to the target audience.

Optimize website for conversions

Advertisers focus too much on ads to the exclusion of the website design. Having a good web design can improve the quality score and reduce CPC costs. Moreover, a good web design results in more sales, giving you a good return for the money spent on campaigns. So you need to optimize your web design for conversions.

The goal of a website is ultimately conversions, and it needs to be your top priority. Every element in your site should work for that goal, and no element should be without a purpose. 

Make sure that the web design has a good visual hierarchy. All elements in the site should draw attention to the CTA. You want the header and the text to do their job to accomplish their goals. 

The headlines should convey the benefits customers would get by choosing the brand. If they tell the benefits in captivating terms, it can increase sales. But also the copy on the site should be readable, so use commonly used words. If you use action words effectively, you can persuade the readers into doing business with you. The copy should lead the readers naturally towards the CTA. 

The CTA has the most weight, so you should design it with attractive colors. Even if other elements in the site are not visible enough, the CTA should be prominent. Make sure to keep just one CTA for a page, as too many CTAs could divert your readers from the main goal.

Finally, use high-quality images that represent the product well. equally important You can also use videos to demonstrate various products. But all these elements do not divert your audience away from conversion.

Use Geo-targeting to cut costs and maximize conversions

Studying your audience is essential to give you more results and cut CPC costs. When you study them, you will know where most of your conversions come from and prepare a list. Then you can use advanced geo-targeting tools only to target those areas. 

The area you target could be a street or a city. But when you target particular areas, you will attract potential customers. It will help you get a good return for your ads. You need not waste your ads on areas where customers have no intention to purchase your products. The geo-targeting approach forces you to study more about your customers. In this way, you can ensure that the investment in PPC ads is worth the money.

Use Negative Keywords

You need to pick the right keywords that capture user intent for best results. On the flip side, negative keywords can limit your campaign from its full potential. You need to exclude these search terms so that your ads will not show up for irrelevant queries. By including negative keywords, you can boost the relevancy of your ads and increase the quality score. As a result, you can cut your CPC costs. 

Likewise, you can exclude search terms that have low click-through rates. moreover if you think those keywords are relevant, create new ad groups for them. In this way, you can increase CTR and ad relevance and save money on CPC.

Author Bio: – Rudra Kumar is an Assistant General Manager of search operations at Techmagnate with more than 10+ years of experience in search engine optimisation. He has helped many businesses in growing revenue via search engines of his strengths.

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