Master’s in Business Analytics in the USA

Higher education in the USA is recognized globally. The cost of education in the USA might seem to be expensive but you can aid your education through loans, grants, and scholarships. The opportunities of studying in the USA extend to its rich cultural and social experiences. It provides a well-rounded education to develop a person holistically. Additionally, the master’s in business analytics in the USA is a dynamic course that provides a combination of a variety of statistical and quantitative methods, computational tools, and prediction models that can be utilized in businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the top universities to pursue a master’s in Business Analytics in the USA:

Highlights of a Master’s in Business Analytics in the USA

  • There are 210 top-tier colleges that offer Business Analytics programs.
  • Between 2016 and 2026, the Business Analytics industry is expected to rise by 27%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The average wage in the United States is 97,182.
  • Business Analytics is an exciting stem program with a promising future.
  • For employment in the United States, confirmed post-study work permits are valid for up to three years.
  • 20 hours of part-time work each week on campus for students in need of financial support
  • Teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, and research assistantships are all available.
Master's in Business Analytics in the USA

Top Universities for Master’s in Business Analytics in the USA

Global RanksUniversitiesProgram OfferedSchool/Department OfferingAnnual Fees (USD)
#1MITMasters of Business Analytics (1 year)Sloan School of Management82,000
#2UCLAMS Business Analytics (15 months)Anderson School of Management26,544
#3The University of Texas at AustinMSBA (Master of Science in Business Analytics) 10 monthsMcCombs School of Business48,000
#11University of MinnesotaMS Business Analytics (1 year)Carlson School of Management65,250
#12Michigan State UniversityMaster’s in Business Analytics (12 months)Eli Broad College of Business39,000
#13Purdue UniversityMS Business Analytics and Information ManagementKrannert School of Management48,600
#19Arizona State UniversityMSBA (9 months)W.P. Carey School of Business55,488
#22University of Notre DameMS Business Analytics (1 year)Mendoza College of Business55,308
#25UC DavisMSBA (1 year)Graduate School of Management26,544
#26UC San DiegoMS Business Analytics (11 months)Rady School of Management26,544

Eligibility Criteria for admissions to a Master’s in Business Analytics Program in the USA

Different universities have different eligibility criteria for admissions to their master’s programs. Let’s take a look at some of the basic eligibility requirements for a business analytics program in the USA.

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree with a specialization in business, economics, etc.
  • 2-5 years of relevant work experience
  • A valid GRE or GMAT score
  • Proof of language proficiency, IELTS/ TOEFL

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Documents Required for a master’s in Business Analytics in the USA

International applicants require the following documents to apply for a master’s in Business Analytics in the USA:

  1. Valid Passport – the passport should be currently valid, and the validity should extend up to after your course has finished.
  2. Copy of the previous passport, if applicable
  3. Printed copy DS-160 form and I-20 form
  4. Receipt of visa fee for confirmation of payment
  5. Evidence of financial resources – could be submitted in the form of tax returns, bank statements, salary slips, scholarship letters, etc.
  6. Original mark sheets as proof of educational qualification so far
    Score sheets of exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


It can be concluded from the information provided above that USA is a perfect study destination for a master’s in business analytics in the USA. The opportunity to experience the diverse culture and an enriching well-rounded course curriculum will help you develop the fundamental skill set to pursue your career goals and ambitions.

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