Leh Ladakh Bike Tour: Different Route Package

Ladakh, also popularly known as the “Town of Qualcomm,” comes under India’s most distinctive and delightful areas and it is not just famous for its beauty and culture but also for the thrill and adventure that the place gives us.

For adventurers and thrill seekers from all over the world, this vast and sparsely inhabited region is a dream come true for many people. The excitement and fun that envelops doubles up when riders approach Leh in one of the ways are magnificent. 

The roaring sound of all the Bullets bikes rumbling around in the streets of Leh throughout the season will undoubtedly give an impression and imagination as if the riders in the Mecca of motorcyclists are racing. And the minute after reaching the summit of beautiful Khardungla, everything else in one’s life appears to fade into the background.

Then there’s the journey to Pangong Tso, which is undoubtedly the world’s most exquisite and relaxing lake. Simply sitting at the edge of that lake, alone and spending some quality time, reveals a whole new aspect in your life and gives us the right path.

Ladakh’s highest passes and twisting roads attract very passionate and enthusiastic riders. The well-planned and detailed Leh Ladakh Bike Tour, may lead one to bask in the bliss of the mountains. 

From City And Best Duration

  • Book now from Mumbai (Bike Tour with fuel and other facilities). It is a 6N/7D & 7N/8D
  • Book Now From Delhi (Bike Tour with fuel and other facilities). It is a 6N/7D & 7N/8D
  • Book Now From Pune (Bike Tour with fuel and other facilities). It is a 6N/7D & 7N/8D
  • Book Now From Chandigarh (Bike Tour with fuel and other facilities). It is a 6N/7D & 7N/8D
  • Book Now From Hyderabad (Bike Tour with fuel and other facilities). It is a 6N/7D & 7N/8D

Most Popular Package for Leh Ladakh bike tour

  • Leh Ladakh Bike Tour – It is a 6N/7D (6 Nights 7 Days)
  • Manali – Leh – Srinagar – Tour – Manali -Leh- Srinagar. It is 10 Nights 11 Days. Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  • Srinagar -Leh- Manali – Tour. Srinagar -Leh- Manali. It is 10 Nights 11 Days. Srinagar
  • Leh Ladakh Bike Trip – Pocket Friendly And In Budget – Tour. Leh Ladakh Bike Trip – Pocket Friendly. It is 5 Nights 6 Days
  • Manali  Leh Manali Tempo Traveller Trip – Tour. Manali Leh Manali Tempo Traveller Trip. It is 8 Nights 9 Days
  • Manali – Leh – Manali – Tour: Manali – Leh – Manali. It is 12 Nights 13 Days

Overview of Leh of Ladakh Trek 

Leh Ladakh Bike Tour
Leh Ladakh Bike Tour
  • The weather of Ladakh: Cold desert climate for the most part of the year. Summers are warm.
  • Elevation or Height of Ladakh: Approximately 3500m
  • Total Population of the City: About 30,870
  • Local Language-related: Ladakhi and Tibetan and the native language that is spoken there and some people speak  Hindi also.

When and what is the best time to visit Leh of Ladakh?

Considering the very short and uncertain winter season, the best time to visit Leh is from the summer months of April to June when the temperature and weather are delightful and mostly the days are bright and warm.

Days are much warmer while nights serve as an adventurer’s delight with a perfect blend of the mountain breeze. Although some trekking fun activities are only available during winters, extreme snowfall blocks all roads. But you can surely take a plane or flight and satisfy your adventurous and adrenaline rush. You go traveller! 

How to reach Leh of Ladakh?

Frequent flyers will be very delighted and happy to know that Leh has its very own airport now. This means that from now onwards there’s no bad rail route connectivity as you can hop on a bus or private transport and find your easy way to Leh. Along the road, you can enjoy the local villages, beauty and marvels of the area.  

What to Eat while travelling to Leh Ladakh?

The cuisine of Leh of Ladakh is slightly influenced by some of the famous foreign delicacies from China, Tibet and Korea. You can try delicious and mouth-watering local dishes like Thukpa, Sky and Game. 

Momos are also a special type of a typical area delicacy with a blend of authentic local flavours. We especially recommend you to try Chang, an alcoholic beverage particularly associated with the area.  

Some of the Attractive Places to Visit in Leh of Ladakh 

  • Magnetic Hill
  • Khardung La Pass
  • Shanti Stupa
  • Leh Palace
  • Hall of Fame Museum
  • Gurdwara Pathar Sahib 

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