How to Prevent Siri from Reading Messages on AirPods | Quick Guide

There is nothing more frustrating when Siri takes over your AirPods to read a string of messages. This is especially true when you are streaming a great song with one of the Cox WIFI plans that you are subscribed to. This is the new feature introduced by Apple, and although, it is helpful, it can be a nuisance for those who receive a lot of notifications. The feature allows Siri to announce notifications for Reminders, iMessage, and third-party applications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat.

While Apple’s aim was to create maximum ease for iPhone users, some people don’t really like the feature. And who can blame them? After all, it can be a little annoying. But don’t worry! You can easily disable the feature. This article is going to discuss just. So, read on!

Turn Off Announce Notifications

You can switch off announce notifications on either my iPad or iPhone. While you can do it on both devices, know that you will have to go a little deeper into the Settings menu to disable this feature. However, it’s straightforward to turn off announce notifications. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Head over to Settings and hit Notifications
  • Search for the option that says Announce Notification
  • Toggle this feature off

And voila, you have successfully disabled this feature! You will no longer have to worry about Siri announcing the annoying notifications while you are doing something important like listening to a podcast. Please note that if you perform the aforementioned steps, you will switch off the feature permanently. But if you don’t want that, you can simply toggle off the Headphone option. You can find this option under Announce When Connected To.

Once you do that, Siri will start to announce notifications via CarPlay, provided your car support the feature. If you don’t need that feature as well, you can disable the option. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings and hit Notifications
  • Find Announce Notification and tap CarPlay
  • Toggle off Announce Notifications

After you do that, Siri will stop reading messages through CarPlay!

Add Tile to the Control Center

You may not know this, but you can also add a tile to the control center. You can easily turn it on and off whenever you want to without you having to explore the settings. For adding the tile, simply do the following:

  • Tap on Settings and select Control Center
  • Scroll down and find More Controls to Announce Notifications
  • You will see a plus sign button in green. Just tap that!

Once done, you will see it appear in the Included Controls section. Now, when you go to the Control Center, you will see the tile. You can then turn it on or off, as you please.

Turn on and Customize Announce Notifications

Before you learn how to turn on the feature, it is important to make sure that you have the right devices. Apart from having an iPhone and iPad that runs on iOS 15 and OS 15 respectively, you should have one of the following compatible headphones:

  • AirPods – Second Generation
  • AirPods Pro or Max
  • Beat Fits Pro
  • Beats Solo Pro
  • Powerbeats
  • Powerbeats Pro

If you have one of these headphones, you can proceed to turn on the feature. You can turn on announce notifications the same way that you turned them off. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Open Settings and go to Notifications
  • Find Announce Notifications and tap on the option
  • You can then toggle this feature on

And you are done! Siri will now announce every notification that you receive. When you switch on the feature, you can access different customization settings. For instance, you can choose if you want Siri to announce notifications via CarPlay. You will also be given the option to choose if you want to switch on the Reply Without Confirmation option. This will work with only those apps that support replies. Siri will read the message you enter before you send them. You can also select the apps you want Siri to read the announcement from.


Apple had nothing but good intentions when it introduced the Announce Notifications feature. But it can be really annoying for those who get a lot of notifications on a regular basis or for those who often use the device to enjoy audio or video content. If you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off by following the above-mentioned steps. This way, you can avoid the interruptions the feature causes while you are in the midst of doing something. You can also turn this feature on if you ever need it back.

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