How to buy BGMI UC in India after the Ban?

We all know that India has banned the bgmi game. Due to this, the bgmi game has removed from the play store. So we are unable to download and purchase the game from the play store. But the servers of this game are functioning effectively. By taking the help of the servers, you can easily purchase the UC and can get access to the bgmi game and badal wala game

Can we play BGMI mobile game after the ban in India?


Officially you don’t have permissionto play bgmi Mobile after ban in India but there are some techniques by utilising those baits you can play bgmi Mobile even after the prohibition. So read the blog post carefully and obey the manual carefully and enjoy the gameplay after the prohibition of bgmi Mobile in India.

As we all know the fans of bgmi are unlimited in India and many of us spent a lot of money in bgmi by purchasing Royal pass and promoting many skins. So we can forfeit bgmi easily. That’s why you are here to discover the technique of how to play bgmi mobile in India after the prohibition. If you follow the guide you will be eligible to play the bgmi Mobile very effortlessly even after the prohibition. If you love to play BGMI you will surely enjoy the horror games list we have created  – Top horror games for android.

Here, we are going to tell you an effective method to purchase the UC after the prohibition of bgmi game. We will let you know about the trusted site from where you can purchase the UC. But you can’t purchase the UC from the Indian servers.

You can buy from the servers of International countries. I will tell you one of the most trusted and popular websites from where you can buy the UC. 

Let started

  1. First of all, you need to open the Google browser.
  2. Then, you need to type Razer Gold.
  3. You just need to open the website
  4. It might take some time to open. Just wait for a while to open.
  5. Once the website opened, you need to create an account there. Once you give the details to make an account, don’t forget to add your mobile number there.
  6. You don’t need to worry to give the correct details as it is the most trusted website. 
  7. Once you create your profile, you need to open the profile and you can see all the details which you have provided to create the account. 
  8. There you can see two buttons, one in yellow colour and another one in green colour. Then you need to add the amount by clicking on the yellow colour button.

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  1. If you add one rupee,  you will get 1 gold. It means our Indian Currency and the gold amount is similar. 
  2. After that, you need to click on the reload button. There, you will see the payment methods. You can click as per your choice. Then, you need to give the amount. After that, click on next. 
  3. You will get the confirmation code. You need to put in the confirmation code and the processing will initiate. 
  4. After that, you need to fill in the details of your payment method.
  5. Then, click on the pay button. Once you click on the pay button, let me clear you the payment will not refund. 
  6. Then, you will get your gold coins add to your account. You will get the congratulations screen on your mobile. You have successfully purchased the golds from the Razor Gold site. 
  7. Now, you have to simply close the website.
  8. Go to the Google browser and type Midasbuy India. 
  9. Click on the Midasbuy India website and you will get the top up UC interface. 
  10. Then, click on the top up button. 
  11. After that, you will see the payment options there. 
  12. Simply click on the Razer Gold option. 
  13. You need to put the details of your bgmi id. 
  14. Then, choose the UC considering your Razor Golds.
  15. After that, you will get the golds transfer directly into your bgmi account through Midasbuy India.
  16. Wait for a while, until you get the successful message on your screen. 
  17. After that, you need to click on the proceed to check out button.
  18. After some time, you will get the congratulations message on the screen.
  19. By following all these processes carefully, you can definitely purchase UC even though bgmi game has banned in India and you can enjoy your game without any obstruction.


Lastly, we discussed one of the most trusted and popular way to purchase bgmi UC in India even though this has restricted in our country.

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