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You must have noticed youngsters drinking this intriguing and colourful drink known as bubble tea. This drink is loved by many these days, especially amongst youngsters and is treading on various social media platforms. This chunky drink was initially available in Taiwan. Bubble tea is also known as boba tea and is a flavoured milk tea with chunky bits of boba in it. This boba is made up of tapioca starch which is freshly extracted from the South American plant commonly known as cassava. This pearl is also made up of seaweed extract that adds more nutritional value to it. 

Why Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea has an amazing texture and the taste is even better. The bouncy consistency, rubbery and chewy characteristics of bubble tea was renowned and treasured in Taiwan, then it was exposed globally and now the rest is history. Now, not only these flavoured teas are not only easily available in nearby shops but you can conveniently order tea online. From regular pearl tapioca, the milk tea recipe has evolved and created its entire category or genre of drinks. Various types of milk ranges can be used into making this delicious drink. starting from regular milk to skimmed, almond, soy as well as coconut milk can be used to make this drink according to individual’s preference. This drink is the new breed that offers various elaborate drinks with an outrageous number of flavours with varying colours combinations are offered by any regular boba tea shop. Fueled by Instagram, now bubble tea is tried by every youngster as well as an adult these days. Starting from Tropical fruit, green tea, Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate and numerous flavours that is attempt worthy. Many people prefer to make their tea according to your preference, you can also find tea bags online through which you can experiment making bubble tea using your favourite flavour and varieties of flavoured boba.

Since in past couple of years, bubble tea has obtained tremendous popularity and enjoyed globally. Naturally, you would be curious about the health benefits especially if you are a regular consumer. We have mentioned some of the most common health benefits attained from bubble tea. 

Body strength- 

Imagine a drink that tastes so go and provides strength to the body. Sounds too good to be true right? Bubble tea is made up of milk and we are well aware of the fact that milk contains calcium content. This calcium content makes human bones stronger and while doing day to day activities, you can do it without any pain in your bones. This component makes this drink much more significant.

Stress buster- 

Our day-to-day stressful activities can cause harmful impacts on you physically as well as mentally. Reduction of stress-buster in your body is a must, and Regular consumption of bubble tea can act as a stress buster. The caffeine content in the bubble tea help to refresh your body. In case you have any significant activity or an exam coming up, you might need a fresh-made bubble tea to do your task stress-free.

Immune system booster- 

Since the pandemic, it has hugely impacted our immune system. One of the main health benefits that bubble tea offer is to make your immune system strong. Since it has a wide range of antioxidants that will help you to block any type of oxidative strain accumulation. Besides this crucial benefit, the fruit content in the bubble tea such as strawberry, mango, and orange helps you to have the intake of Vitamin C. 

Weight loss enhancement-

Can you believe that bubble tea not only tastes delicious but also helps you to lose weight? The polyphenol and caffeine content in bubble tea acts as an excellent substance for losing weight. However, excess conception might give you reverse results. Whether you want to lose or gain weight. Adequate consumption might help you with it. 

Heart benefits-

You might have read that since it is made up of sugar and milk has high calories it might not be good for you but if you use fat-free milk it is not a problem at all.  The boba is made up of tapioca tea which contains antioxidants and various inflammatory elements that will help you to toughen your blood vessels and arteries. It also prevents arteries from getting damaged. 

Instead of worrying about various diseases, while consuming boba tea, you can look into its health benefits for taste as well as to stay healthy.

If you want to make bubble tea at home, we have provided you with the procedure below to make a delicious bubble tea conveniently at home.

Ingredients required-

  1. Tea

You can use various varieties of tea such as Black tea, Ginger tea, green tea, cinnamon tea, English breakfast tea or any other preferred tea. In this recipe, we are going to use black tea. You can conveniently find these tea bags online

  1. Filtered water

Healthier water will make your tea taste better as well as keep you hydrated.

  1.  Tapioca pearls

Chief ingredient for making bubble tea.

  1. Brown sugar/ sugar syrup

brown sugar gives a deep, rich taste but you can switch the brown sugar with white sugar.

  1. Heavy cream

whipped cream topping will make your tea delicious but this is optional.

  1. Ice

To keep the drink nice and pleasingly cold.


1. Make tea: 

You can find tea bags online, to make the tea. let the tea sit until it gets cool. 

2. Boil the tapioca pearls: 

– Use up to 4 cups of water and boil it. 

– Out the tapioca pearls after it gets heated.

– Stir those pearls and wait until it floats to the top. Let them cook for another 5 minutes until it reaches the desired level of softness. 

– Use a spoon to remove the pearls from water and rinse it with sugar syrup for taste(optional). 

3.          Accumulate the drinks: 

– Strain the settled tea into a cup. 

– Divide the soft-boiled pears into the desired amount 

– add a few ice cubes on top of it.

–  Pour the settled cold black tea 

– then simply add the sugar syrup or the brown sugar with half a cup of sugar.

– Stir the drink taste the milk tea and feel the amazing smell and taste of it. 

Bubble tea is a delicious beverage and it is the best choice for regular use. It is available easily near any café or order tea online for convenience and availability on your doorstep.

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