Entertaining Methods to Study History

History is not a very fun subject for any child at all, mostly because LMS portals are the only medium of education. If not an online screen, students are subjected to heavy lectures from the teachers. Lectures are beneficial, but not with history. History is supposed to be taught almost like literature, but not every teacher is fluent enough with dates, turns of events, and teaching methods. The ERP for school needs to be cautious about the history teachers in particular that they employ while being careful in general terms regarding the teaching methodologies of other teachers for different subjects.

This boring subject can also be entertaining if students relate to entertainment and have fun. Movies and series are the best way, especially in this era where everyone loves streaming platforms and has a lot of different things to do on their digital devices. After all, it’s supposed to be the age of technology! 

Here are a few entertaining yet informative movies history lovers can watch;

Full Metal Jacket

The Vietnam War was one of the cruelest battles fought causing the loss of at least 2 Lac civilians on both sides, and 1.5 Lac Vietnamese fighters. Foot between the United States and Vietnam, for the US military the casualties were much lesser. When we talk about war, we don’t talk about who did wrong. Everyone has a living human life and has the same value irrespective of their country of origin, and it is the war in general that we should be against. this movie observes how fellow members of U.S. Marine were affected in their boot camp. It is a short glimpse of the horrors of war.

Saving Private Ryan

One of the most popular war movies is Saving Private Ryan, once again featuring soldiers from the United States where strengths are tested after they use war tactics to go after the enemy. It is a movie that can give students an insight into what ideologies led the soldiers towards the battle, and how they escaped death.

Schindler’s List

An Oscar-winning movie that features Nazi camps, and the killings of millions of Jews, Schindler’s list should always be on the top list for students. It shows how even in difficult times history has been kind through people who are passionate about doing right. This heart-wrenching movie can motivate students to know more about the world wars and the contemporary world, especially if they have it for the first time in 9th grade. Once students have the desire to know, they will be more interested in reading their books you know the theory of what they just watched in a movie.

Operation Finale

Want to know more about the after effects of World War Two and the Holocaust? This movie is just right for curious minds, and thriller movie enjoyers. 


A true story is always better than a movie plot that is simply based on the theme of a historical event. Students can believe and understand more from the personal point of view of individuals who participated in world wars and historical events. Allied is a movie set in the World War 2 timeline where two spies get married. Spies were pretty common and are not usually mentioned in historical books because it is difficult to understand how they worked. For some students, it is a new concept because according to them spies exist only in movies. You can imagine them as unofficial FBI agents, and were great weapons or informers during the wars that allowed ease of communication.

Gone with the Wind

A classic in itself, there is no better way to know about the reconstruction and civil war period. The release of this movie in itself is pretty historical because, during the time of inflation, it was one of the most highly grossing movies in the film industry. It is easy to understand the effects of inflation with the popularity of this movie which has still maintained its ranking in the present world.

You either are a history lover, or you would like to admire the subject. Both of these are great reasons to indulge in historical content, whether it is a documentary movie or series.

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