Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Can Affect Your Health? Know Pros & Cons, Types & Uses

In the modern 21st century, when people are busy keeping their eyes on their phones, and laptops, or busy in workaholic situations, it becomes so hectic to make meals or food on time. Know in detail the effects of bottled and jarred packaged goods.

The solution to every problem is packaged food or bottled drinks. Who does not love to have ready food on the plate whenever needed? 

What are Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods?

Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Can Effect Your Health?
Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Can Affect Your Health? Know Pros & Cons, Types & Uses

Most of the time, packaged food is referred to as food that is mostly ready-to-eat or ready-to-make refined food that is sealed and packed in a jar, bottle, or packet. Starting from the whole grains, the packed food ends up in mouth-watering beverages. Most of the jars and bottles are made of glass and plastic. 

Look back at the history: 

Bottled or packaged foods have been popular since ancient times. Long ago, in the old era, selling food products in a glass jar was first invented.

Though the glasses of that time were very thick and easily breakable, after the year 1900, it made a huge change when the bottle-making machine took birth. Thus, production grows rapidly with the passing of time.

But nowadays, the market is filled with plastic containers. Instead of using glass materials, people are handy with plastic ones. 

Types of Packaged Containers: 

Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Can Effect Your Health?
Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Can Affect Your Health? Know Pros & Cons, Types & Uses

Several types of containers are available on the market. Let’s have an eye on these.

  1. Glass Container:

This is the most traditional type of container. Since ancient times, it has been popular in the market. Most of the time, glass containers are made of tempered glass, which is very hard. Glass containers come with a lid that is airtight. This is one of the key reasons for its popularity. Being air-tight prevents any bacterial growth and also means no extract can come out from the inner part. Glass containers are reused for a long time.

2. Plastic Packaging: 

At this time, 90% of packaged items are made of plastic. It is lightweight, easy to carry, durable, handy, and airtight, so each and every point makes plastic packaging so popular throughout the global market. But most of the plastics are of very low quality, which spreads pollution. Even after recycling, the quality becomes worse, so it is a peril for the environment. In most cases, plastic bottles are thrown away here and there, and it becomes the cause of the drastic polluted state of the world. 

3. Cardboard packaging:

Because of its low cost and environmental friendliness, cardboard packaging is becoming increasingly popular.

When a brand thinks about its cost-saving policy, it should try this package. It is also durable and worth its value.

Day by day, it is getting more and more popular due to its cheap rate and lightweight. Cardboard packaging is very good for making a good layer of the outer packaging of a product.

4. Wooden Packaging:

Wooden packaging is a classy option. Companies use beautifully crafted aesthetic wooden boxes when launching a new product. Wooden packaging is hardy, beautiful, and good to reuse for a long time. So please avoid bottled and jarred packaged goods as much as you can.

Nowadays, when mother Earth is suffering from dust and pollution, wooden materials can be a savior. It is reusable as well as recyclable. But there are some issues with the use of it also. Wooden packages are sometimes a bit weighty to carry, and there are fewer options for their customization.

5. Metal Containers:

In the food sector, metal containers are widely used. In most cases, metal cans are used to store foods. Pickles, jam, jelly, and juice are the most popular food products that are stored in metal containers.

Metal containers are used to store products using the cooling and heating process.

Metal containers are durable and can be reused for a long time. But sometimes a few metals react with the food products and those become harmful to the body.

4 Reasons for why high use of bottled and jarred packaged goods: 

Let’s discuss the reasons why people are so attached to jarred and bottled items throughout the whole world. 

1. Airtightness: Most packaged foods have an airtight lid or are wrapped in a wrapper to prevent air from entering the package. The air is the ideal home for millions of germs. They play a key role in oxidation and damage the product inside the pack. So, packaged food is safe in this section. 

2. Easy to use: The packed product is very convenient to use. You do not have to worry about anything; just take it whenever you want and carry it wherever you want. Unpacked foods are somewhat problematic in terms of carrying. Another thing is, after eating a bit of the packaged food, just cover it with a lid and store it. It is extremely simple. 

3. Properly Description: The thing is, most of the packaged products come from good brands. And they write the details on the labeled paper outside of the container. People are always conscious about the ingredients of their food items. They can get to know all the ingredients, their weight, expiration date, and every single detail about the product.

 4. Trustworthiness: It is always believed that unpacked, open food items are unhealthy and unhygienic for the body. whereas food that comes in a pack or bottle is much cleaner and healthier. Who does not care for their own health? So, people have a knack for packing items. 

Keep in Mind: 

The use of these products has increased so much. In particular, the plastic containers are here and there in front of the eyes. But, besides everything, do not forget about Mother Earth. Plastic is a severe cause of pollution. So, keep in mind the R3 policy: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

You can definitely use the glass containers several times. You can use them for several purposes. Do not just throw the plastic containers here and there. The manufacturers also concentrate on using high-quality plastic materials. 


In this busy day-to-day schedule, Drinks bottled and jarred packaged goods have taken a good market in the global world. Using them properly not only saves time but also costs money. But sometimes just being a self-thinker is harmful to the environment. So, keep it cool, use things to think about nature, and stay happy. 

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