Best Small Business Opportunities For Australian Citizens in Sri Lanka

If you are planning on investing your Australian dollars in Sri Lanka then you have landed in the right place. In this post we are going to tell you about the most popular small business ideas which you can avail in Sri Lanka. Australian citizens always tend to invest their money in other countries. If you are also looking for profitable opportunities then you need to try your luck in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is not only a hot tourist spot but is also a business hub for foreigners. To invest in Sri Lanka you need to have the business Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens. You need to check business visa requirements for Sri Lanka for Australian citizens before you make an investment plan.

Popular small business ideas in Sri Lanka that can make you rich!

There are more than a dozen different ideas that you can try if you have the business Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens but here in this section we are going to mention the most popular and beneficial ones:


If you have decent investment and experience in agriculture then you need to invest in this industry. There is a lot of potential in the agriculture industry of SA and this is because the economy of the country depends on agriculture. You can lease agriculture land as long as you complete the Sri Lanka visa requirements for Australians for business. You can grow and export rubber, tea, cinnamon and many other crops if you want to make quick money. You can also invest your money in animal husbandry. You just need to have your Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens to invest in Agriculture.

Information Technology

If you have your education completed in computer sciences and have good experience and knowledge about the IT industry then you can invest in the IT sector in Sri Lanka. You would just need a Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens if you want to open a software house in the country. SA lags in the IT industry so there is a lot of opportunity and empty space that one can fill by investing here. Business visa for Sri Lanka for Australians allows you not only to invest but also to hire people.


If you have gotten your business Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens then you can easily invest in the tourism sector. You must know that tourism is one of the major industries in the country and so there is a lot of opportunity for you to invest in this sector. You can open up small restaurants, cafes and even guest houses and cater to the requirements of the tourists. You can also start your own visa agency and start providing Sri Lanka visa for Australian passport holders and others as well.

End words

You can invest your money in these sectors as they are most profitable. You just need to get visa Sri Lanka Australian passport if you want to do business in SA. Business Sri Lanka for Australian citizens can easily be obtained from the SA embassy in Australia.

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