6 Creative Methods for Printing Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

Eyeshadows are a luxury brand whose packaging demands creativity. This is because the market has become immensely competitive. New and ingenious designs are created each day. For this reason, brands favor creativity in crafting them. Custom eyeshadow boxes are the ideal solution to this matter. These are manufactured with delicate and intricate designs. In this way, the boxes give a unique look that attracts customers. The main aim of this is to establish a unique identity of the brand. Customization is common in the packaging world. However, there are certain strategies adopted to improve the quality of the custom eyeshadow boxes. Let us look at these and broaden our horizons!

Using Quality Coatings for Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

Coatings are a creative way to add final touches to the box. It enhances the overall design giving it an extra luster. For this reason, designers opt for coatings smartly. From the sea of coatings out there, they choose the one that is most suitable for their design. This is beside they play a vital role in creating the vibe the box emanates. Some coatings (laminations) available in the market are gloss, matte, and Spot UV. 

Following themes in Custom Eyeshadow Boxes to Generate an Element of Interest

Working with themed designs is another way of generating interest amongst the viewers. For instance, a brand can follow seasonal themes or occasional (Christmas/ Easter ones). These are often labeled as special edition custom eyeshadow boxes. These are crafted with special care and attention. Thus, they pique the interest of clients often. Apart from the special edition of custom boxes wholesale, most of the eyeshadow boxes follow the general theme set by the brand designers. This is because it exhibits a unique image of the brand making the eyeshadow boxes. This is set by the color choice, top topography, logo, tagline, use of graphics of eyeshadows, and labels.

Using Pantone Color Matching for Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

While designing, if the budget allows,  it is preferable to use the best techniques in the market. Choosing the printing type is one of these decisions. There are two types of color printers available in the market: CMYK and PMS. While the Pantone colors are relatively evil expensive, they give a more accurate result. There is a buffet chance that printed colors are similar to the colors used in the digital design. For this reason, many designers prefer the use of Pantone colors over CMYK.

Adopting a Sustainable Approach for Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

Sustainability is the driving wheel of today’s brands. This stresses the importance of Eco-friendly designs. Material is of core importance here. Thus, around 85% of sustainability is achieved by the use of green materials. Custom eyeshadow boxes are crafted from these types of materials. This includes e-flute corrugated sheets, cardboard, Brown box board, and Kraft paper. All of these are Biodegradable. For this reason, they can easily decompose in the natural environment without polluting it. This is a characteristic non-present in plastic (since it is manufactured industrially) Eyeshadow boxes made from these materials are recyclable as well. Moreover, they are reusable and durable. For this reason, many prefer their use. 

Custom Eyeshadow Boxes with Display Windows

Display windows are another way to enhance the view of eyeshadow packaging boxes. They do so by eliminating the barrier between the product and the viewer to a certain extent. Let us look at how this is achieved. It all starts with the die templates that are used to print the intended shape of the box. Thus, the insertion of display windows-their position, shape, and size- is decided then. Eyeshadow boxes belong to the luxury makeup community. Here, aesthetics are held in great importance. For this reason, the display windows are designed as carefully as the whole design. Some eyeshadow boxes have square display windows, while others have triangles, star shapes etc. Thus, designers explore creativity in their designs. The chief aim behind this is to pique the interest of the clients. The different shapes of the display windows help in achieving this goal. 

Custom Eyeshadow Boxes for Safe Packaging

Eyeshadows are mostly found in a powder-pressed form. This makes them extremely fragile. For this reason, they demand safe packaging. This means creativity in the design of custom eyeshadow boxes includes the needs of eyeshadows too. Thus, the material for these boxers is chosen carefully. This is because the character of the materials decides the extent of safety a material renders. There are a variety of materials used in today’s market. Among these cardboard is a popular choice. This is because of its characteristic sturdiness. This absorbs a substantial amount of shock if the box endures any damage. For this reason, these are ideal for shipping. Apart from cardboard, corrugated sheets, boxboard, and Kraft paper are also popular material choices for eyeshadow packaging.

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