5 Best Methods to Determine the Direction when Hiking

A beautiful view of the mountains, nature, and warm breeze illuminates the spirit of everyone. We will tell you how to determine the direction when hiking. In our modern age, hikers everywhere celebrate technological advances that allow us to enjoy methods and knowledge without worrying about getting lost.

There is a risk of becoming disoriented, so it is critical to pay attention to the route of the mountains. The shape is the act of determining a related place or place where you are when you are in an unfamiliar place. Here we will tell you how to determine direction and methods of determining direction.

Old Map:

These days, younger generations have never considered taking a visual map to find their way. With all the technology we have today, it is rare to find someone who uses a paper map. Even if you are on foot, you should consider that the telephone service is not guaranteed to take a long trip in the wilderness. Bringing a map with you can be a lifesaver if your phone is outside the service range.

 Determine the Direction when Hiking


When using a map, the compass is a key. To know which way to go, you must find where you are looking first – north, south, east, or west. Therefore, the compass is the first tool you should use if you get lost or need to rearrange yourself on a route or wherever you end up. Before hiking, you should learn how to use a directional compass.


Apps although the phone service is not guaranteed on foot. Most routes have enough connections to make navigation apps the first option to guide you. Roadmaps and Georesq are two other apps that might help you find your path.

A virtual reality that can help you find your way through your surroundings, navigate hard-to-reach locations, and more. So be sure to download the best mountaineering app for your trip before your next trip. Determining the direction when hiking is a tricky thing.       

The Nature:

Another tried, and proper way to walk or guide yourself when you get lost is to use the environment around you. Before all the high-tech applications and gadgets, we had paper maps.

Still, even before that, architects and pioneers who discovered our country had to use natural directions in unspecified new locations. Some of the things you can rely on to correct yourself when you are lost include stars, big trees/mountains, the sun, the moon, and more. The stars allow you to follow things like the stars and the North Star. Sun and the moon can guide you depending on the time of day and the phase of the moon.

Additionally, using objects such as large trees, and mountains. Landmarks can help you know where to go to return to civilization or move forward on your journey. While many of these things take learning before hiking and learning to use them, getting to know them in the event of a loss is essential to be safe in those situations. You should know how to determine the direction when hiking.        

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Route Signs and Resources:

Another additional option you can use if you need to steer yourself while outdoors is to use a given route and signs along the way. You should know how to determine the direction when hiking.

Most, if not all, hiking trails, whether you are in the Midwest crossing the Rockies. Or east of the Adirondacks has signed for any route you take. On the trails, there are these signs that will point you in different directions with names. And landmarks such as waterfalls, certain mountains, rocky outcrops, etc. To walk, you can follow these paths.

Another thing to consider is park rangers or route guides you may encounter or have access to. Many parks and hiking trails have easy access to resources to help you get lost. If you are in immediate danger or lost, having things like fire or flames attract the attention of these guards. Staff can let these people know you need help. These crews and other mountaineers can always help you get where you need to go and help guide you through the journey. 


It is essential to use a situation where you are unsure of where you are supposed to go before aiming aimlessly to find it. Living in your area and using guidance tools and methods before making decisions about the route.

There are apps and features on our phones that allow us to track our location, use GPS, and use geo-taggers. Even provide us the best routes to start while telling us in advance the level of difficulty and wildlife we ​​may come up with. Across these lines. Above, we have told you how to determine the direction when hiking. Finally, if you want to save money on your hiking trips, you should find discount codes on Couponxoo.com which have lots of great deals you can find.

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